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Large Round Cheese Ravioli
12ct. box $7.99 Ships fresh
Square Cheese Ravioli
36ct. box $7.99 Ships Fresh
Large Round Lobster Ravioli
12 ct. box $12.99 Ships Frozen
For over forty-five years, hungry New Yorkers in search of fresh ravioli have descended upon Pastosa Ravioli store locations and have faced a deliciously simple question:  Large Round or Medium Square? Now, the choice is yours!
Welcome to our online marketplace.
At Pastosa Ravioli, we use only the highest quality ingredients to create extraordinary ravioli and fresh pasta products for your table. Our full-bodied, creamy ravioli, stuffed shells and manicotti are all made from a smooth blend of genuine Pecorino Romano and ricotta impastata cheeses, hand-crafted exclusively for Pastosa Ravioli by artisanal Italian cheese makers.
Thank you for visiting Pastosa Ravioli, where you too can experience a time-honored New York tradition.
Pastosa's Medium Square Truffle Ravioli
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